First Test

Okay so now I know why they tell you not to test before your “official” pregnancy test. Yesterday while I was out with my sister I decided to get a pregnancy test. I had been passing by these pregnancy tests for days and I couldn’t help but wonder if it was too soon. Well, per my doctor and most websites they say that you shouldn’t really test before because the HSG levels may be off because of all the medication that can still be in your system. You can either get a false positive or a false negative. I just wanted to see what the test would read if i took it. Well I came home and waited for *D* to get home and that test was just burning a hole in the bag that it was in. Deep breath. When he got home we talked a little about it and it was driving us both crazy… so I took it. Well as you can see we did not get the positive that we were expecting BUT we have not lost hope. Some women will have a negative even though they are pregnant so. Now the waiting is even more excruciating!! There is only three more days till the big test.

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