November 23, 2010

Happy Anniversary!! Today is *D* and I’s anniversary. It’s been three years since I married my best friend!! He is such a great husband I can’t believe that it’s been three years. Well tonight it’s dinner and a movie for us. We were supposed to go out this weekend to a drive in movie BUT *D* has to work this weekend…blahh! AND tomorrow is the BIG day. I’m so anxious, I can”t wait till tomorrow!! I pray that we will get the news that we have been waiting for for the past three years and eight months! We know that no matter what happens we will be okay but we REALLY want some good news tomorrow.

In other news, Happy Birthday Brother and congratulations on the baby news. Looks like I’m going to get another nephew! Also Happy Birthday to my father in law… AND thank you Lord for keeping my dad safe this past weekend. He went to the hospital because he didn’t feel good and ended up getting some stints put in some clogged arteries in his heart- he’s home now resting.

Days till we test- ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!