Christmas Day

What a great time we had this Christmas. Yesterday was our annual Christmas Eve party at my sisters house and we got to tell our family about our baby news!! My family was thrilled, I made my mom read her card out loud and she didn’t even finish it when she started to cry!! Ahhh tear fest! I am so glad that we waited to tell everyone. Thank you to my sisters and my brother in law for “keeping their lips zipped” lol. Then we drove to my mother in laws house to tell her and my brother in law. She was so surprised. They are so excited! Then last but not least my grand parents. Well my weto started to cry!! Talk about a tear jerker. I am so blessed. I honestly have the best family ever. I can’t wait to share more special moments with the people I love the most. A big thank you to all of my family and friends that supported us through this whole process, we honesly could not have done it without the prayers and encouraging words. You all will never know how much you have truly blessed me and *D*.

Baby Bumps!!

Today I am officially 8 weeks pregnant. Honestly, I cant believe it time has flown by. Tonight I find myself looking through pregnant belly pictures trying to gauge how big I’m supposed to be. Is that creepy? Well for those of you who know me know that I am not a petite person so I was just wondering how big my belly is supposed to look. Let me tell you that looking at all those pictures did not help a bit. There were women who were 6-7 weeks along that looked like they were more 6 or 7 months along. And then there were those who were itty bitty at like 10-12 weeks along who just looked like they had just had a big lunch. I don’t care though all I want is to have a healthy pregnancy and to have a beautiful healthy baby in August. I am so excited to tell the family! As far as I know there aren’t too many family members that know about the pregnancy but come Friday we will be letting them know. I thought that the Christmas party would be a perfect time to tell. It’s been so hard to keep this a “secret” for so long, we just wanted to be able to surprise everyone.

First ob/gyn appointment is set for Monday. : )

7 Week Sonogram!!!!!!!!!

12-17-2010 Today was an amazing day!!! This afternoon *D* and I got to see our baby!!! YaY!!!! The last time that I went to the doctor I had to go by myself but this time the hubby was with me. I was so excited all day to go. This was my last trip out to Frisco- so glad for that. AHHH, then came time for the sonogram. I remembered my camera and had *D* record the sonogram. Honestly words really can’t express the joy and the love that I felt. I mean really who wouldn’t love the sound of that little beating heart!! It was amazing to see that little baby that the Lord had promised us. Today I think that both of us really thought back on this journey and all we could do it give thanks to God for this little miracle. I can say that all that we went through was worth everything today. So I still have nausea and the pants are fitting just a tad on the snug side but other than that not too much has changed and oh yea still really tired.


This morning I got up as usual to get ready for work. Turned off the alarm and went to the bathroom *TMI WARNING* and saw that I was bleeding a little. Okay so I start to freak out and pray at the same time. As soon as the doctors office opened I called and let them know what was going on. They checked with the nurse and she wanted me to come in and see her as soon as possible. My appointment was set for 10:00. I laid back down for a minute and told *D* what was going on. *D* being the person that he is just said “honey we have trusted God all along this journey, He will take care of us- don’t worry” and said a prayer. Well then I got up and we left the house. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to go with me since it was so last minute. The drive up to the doctors office, which is about an hour away just seemed sooo much longer than usual. I sat in the parking lot and prayed and talked to the baby too, told him/her not to be scaring me and that everything would be a good mom if they just stuck with me. When I got in there they take me back right away and the nurse she is so sweet starts by telling me that sometimes you can’t see a heartbeat or see one so soon so if I didn’t not to panic. DEEP BREATH and hold. And there it was just as beautiful as I imagined our little baby with its little beating heart!!!! Then I got to hear the heartbeat, I was literally speechless!! Next and last appointment with our RE set for Dec 17th.


Dec 8 2010

This morning started off just not good. First of all I wake up late and I am super sleepy, it feels like I have not gotten any sleep. Second I wake up to find my pants still in the dryer feeling a little damp…uggg! My vitamin is especially disgusting- my body is now finding that swallowing that little pill unbearable so I’m gagging as I’m trying to breathe and not throw up. Also, now brushing the inside of my teeth and tongue makes me gag too. 😛 blaaahh. So I’m now in a rush and as soon as I have a seat in my car to drive to work. And I get “that feeling”!! So gross!! Thankfully it wasn’t too bad but still made me make these horrific sounds of gagging while driving to work…wonder what I looked like from the other cars point of view? Well I get to work and my lovely *T* offers to get me some saltines. They helped but the feeling was still there. The nausea lasted for a good…hmmm… two hours. Maybe that will be all the nausea I will have. Well at lease I can dream right??

I’m SOOOO sleepy

Ok I am sooooooo sleepy. Seems like all I want to do is sleep. I know that I will have to sleep because the baby needs to grow but, seems like I can’t even get in the door when all I want to do is curl up in the bed and sleep. Sorry honey, the house is so messy right now but I just can’t seem to get through one task before I need a break : D I would take a picture of it but don’t want anyone to think I’m a messy person.

Second Blood Test

December 1, 2010

The nurse called me this morning and gave me some really good news. She said that my HSG numbers were going up and were now well over 2000. 🙂 She scheduled my first sonogram for the 14th of this month. Less than two weeks away!! OHHH I can’t wait. Haven’t had any symptoms yet but they say that they don’t usually kick in till about 6 or 7 weeks. Still taking the progesterone shots, I think that I have to keep taking them till I’m about 10 weeks. 😦 Sore booty!!!