Dec 8 2010

This morning started off just not good. First of all I wake up late and I am super sleepy, it feels like I have not gotten any sleep. Second I wake up to find my pants still in the dryer feeling a little damp…uggg! My vitamin is especially disgusting- my body is now finding that swallowing that little pill unbearable so I’m gagging as I’m trying to breathe and not throw up. Also, now brushing the inside of my teeth and tongue makes me gag too. 😛 blaaahh. So I’m now in a rush and as soon as I have a seat in my car to drive to work. And I get “that feeling”!! So gross!! Thankfully it wasn’t too bad but still made me make these horrific sounds of gagging while driving to work…wonder what I looked like from the other cars point of view? Well I get to work and my lovely *T* offers to get me some saltines. They helped but the feeling was still there. The nausea lasted for a good…hmmm… two hours. Maybe that will be all the nausea I will have. Well at lease I can dream right??

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