7 Week Sonogram!!!!!!!!!

12-17-2010 Today was an amazing day!!! This afternoon *D* and I got to see our baby!!! YaY!!!! The last time that I went to the doctor I had to go by myself but this time the hubby was with me. I was so excited all day to go. This was my last trip out to Frisco- so glad for that. AHHH, then came time for the sonogram. I remembered my camera and had *D* record the sonogram. Honestly words really can’t express the joy and the love that I felt. I mean really who wouldn’t love the sound of that little beating heart!! It was amazing to see that little baby that the Lord had promised us. Today I think that both of us really thought back on this journey and all we could do it give thanks to God for this little miracle. I can say that all that we went through was worth everything today. So I still have nausea and the pants are fitting just a tad on the snug side but other than that not too much has changed and oh yea still really tired.

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