Christmas Day

What a great time we had this Christmas. Yesterday was our annual Christmas Eve party at my sisters house and we got to tell our family about our baby news!! My family was thrilled, I made my mom read her card out loud and she didn’t even finish it when she started to cry!! Ahhh tear fest! I am so glad that we waited to tell everyone. Thank you to my sisters and my brother in law for “keeping their lips zipped” lol. Then we drove to my mother in laws house to tell her and my brother in law. She was so surprised. They are so excited! Then last but not least my grand parents. Well my weto started to cry!! Talk about a tear jerker. I am so blessed. I honestly have the best family ever. I can’t wait to share more special moments with the people I love the most. A big thank you to all of my family and friends that supported us through this whole process, we honesly could not have done it without the prayers and encouraging words. You all will never know how much you have truly blessed me and *D*.

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