Lazy Saturday afternoon….


What a beautiful day it was today. We went out for a drive this morning and stopped by this toy store, we were actually there to go to Pickles and Ice Cream- a maternity clothes store but they were closed. Well this store had the cutest stuff. I cant wait till I get further along and we know what we are having AND to be able to go shopping for the baby. Anyhow this store was closed so I came home and decided that I would do some looking online to see if I’d find any good deals. OK, so why is this clothes so expensive I mean you only use them for a short time… I even ran across this ad where a lady was selling her jeans for over 50 dollars a pair!! Really, if there was a clothing dollar store I would so be on that!! I’m glad that I really don’t have to worry about that for another couple of weeks. The rubber band in the pant loop is working just fine for me thank you very much. Oh yea and for being so expensive most of the stuff is not very cute. Well. Only a few more days till I get to see my little cupcake at 3 months. 😀

One thought on “Lazy Saturday afternoon….

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Angela,

    Just want you to know that I check every week to see if you've posted something new! I just can't stop looking at my grand baby! I'm soooo excited!

    Did David tell you about the baby bed?
    Well, anyway, I'm making MY baby list.


    Mama Valerie

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