January 29, 2011

We are just days away from moving into our new place. Things around here have been kinda crazy. My apartment is a MESS!!! I can’t wait till I can get settled in and not have to dig stuff out of boxes. Monday night is the big day!! Woohoo. The other night I went of visit my friend Wendy I had such a good time just having girl talk with her. 🙂 We caught up on some things and talked a little about the way that I had been feeling, nothing physically wrong just was feeling a little blue the past few weeks. Nothing major, I think it was the surge of hormones that I have been having the past couple of weeks plus the move that was making me a little….. emotional. But all is better now. I’m just glad to be moving from here.

I’m just at a little over 13 weeks now I’m beginning to feel like I’m putting on a few pounds. At my last appointment which was at 12 weeks I had gained 3 lbs in two weeks. :O This is good though. I had lost some weight due to the morning sickness that I was having. Today I wore my very first pair of maternity pants and they were sooo comfortable!! Thanks sis for the pants. 🙂

My they made me feel so big though, I’m in this weird transition time where my stomach is not really big but I’m not looking thin either. Oh well, I will do it for the good of mankind. 🙂 Will be posting pictures of my belly soon.

Today: Totally feeling GIRL- We find out in my March appointment.

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