17 weeks

February 26, 2011
In order to save you from the mess that I really look like today I just drew a picture for you.  Today was one of those not so happy days.  I woke up this morning and stepped on a bug pile of emotional crybaby and it stuck with me pretty much all day.  I asked my husband if he would take me to a flea market to day, I just wanted to get out of the house and he tells me “I really don’t want to go but I will take you”.  And so it began. We got really and were heading out down stairs, both of us with growling stomachs.  I serve a bowl of cereal for the husband and prepare to make me some eggs, yes I knew that we were rushing out of the house but I REALLY wanted some eggs with ketchup.  So he passes by and says “REALLY?” and pretty much the day went down hill from here.  I was sad and offended even though he had apologized more than a couple of times.  Well sorry hunny for the emotional overdrive today.  🙂   Now after a bath and a 3 hour nap I’m much better.  Hoping and praying that tomorrow will be a better day.  
BTW… still feeling GIRL!!  Can’t wait to find out.  Only a few weeks.

February 22, 2011

This by far has been the best time.  Its so surreal.  Sometimes i look back at all that we went through and all I can do it thank God for allowing us to get pregnant.  Well its been a few days since the last time that I’ve blogged, well okay more than a couple of days.  Well the stress level is WAY down!  Finally got everything settled in and put away.  And I think that I’m passed the feeling of being nervous about the baby.  I cant believe how fast the time is going by.  Almost March.  I went to the doctor on the 16th and got some routine blood work done,  and got to hear the heartbeat again.  Beating at 150 bpm.  I got a call from the doctor today with the lab results of the blood work that she took last appointment and I am happy to report that everything is GREAT!!!   My tummy is getting bigger.  Oh yea and the other day I felt the baby move for the very first time 😀 It was so sweet.  Everyone was telling me that it would feel like butterflies.  Well for me getting butterflies means getting the feeling that i might vomit.  SOOOO. Didn’t quite understand it but then… I felt it.  Ahhhhhh.  To me it felt like the twitching that my eye gets sometimes.  I cant believe that we get to find out if its a girl or a boy next month.

So the other day I went shopping for some maternity clothes.  Not as fun as I initially thought.  I went to several stores and nothing.  Either the clothes were too small or they were too big.  or super expensive.  I found kid to kid 🙂  great store.  I think that this is where I will do most of my shopping.

What a day


Today was one of those days that you wished you had just stayed at home under the covers. Well to start it was crazy trying to catch up from a week off. Then our entire building was getting new computers so it was so chaotic with people coming in and out of the building and in the middle of them setting up our computers the power shuts off. 😦 Well the power was off for a couple of minutes and in the middle of the craziness I’m called into the bosses office. Well to make a long story short the school district that I work for is doing MAJOR cuts due to the budget shortfall and guess what position they are cutting… you guessed it. Mine. Yep, after June 6 I will be laid off. Ahhh, what can I say I can’t really be upset. What good would being upset right? I have to trust God and know that He is in control. Plus I can’t let it stress me, can’t let my cupcake get upset. We are 14 weeks along and have a doctors appointment a week from Wednesday 🙂

We find out if its a boy or a girl in March!!!!

February 2, 2011- 9:00 pm

Today is Wednesday February 2, 2011. I’m sitting here in my new scrapbook room. We are finally moved in!! I took Monday off from work to finish up some things. I was SOOO tired. Thanks to my familia we got EVERYTHING moved on Monday which turned out to be perfect because Monday night the clouds opened up and poured out every drop of rain which turned into ice in the middle of the night. Our first night here at our new place… we didn’t get to sleep till about 1 am. I was so pooped. Tuesday morning we woke up to an ice wonderland. I had already requested the day off but guess what… no school!! We got everything set up and put up; again another late night but everything is almost put up. Baby was making so exhausted! 🙂 Well last night I was so worried that me and the little one would have to skate to work but then… SCHOOL CANCELED! WOOHOO! And then again tomorrow. I have soooo enjoyed having the time to relax and hang out with the father of my baby. 😀

Today I’m officially 14 full weeks. 4 month appointment is in 2 weeks. I can’t believe that time is going by so fast, only 5 months to go. I’ve had some light cramping, which is normal, nothing to worry about just my body shifting and stretching making room for my cupcake!!