Today is Wednesday February 2, 2011. I’m sitting here in my new scrapbook room. We are finally moved in!! I took Monday off from work to finish up some things. I was SOOO tired. Thanks to my familia we got EVERYTHING moved on Monday which turned out to be perfect because Monday night the clouds opened up and poured out every drop of rain which turned into ice in the middle of the night. Our first night here at our new place… we didn’t get to sleep till about 1 am. I was so pooped. Tuesday morning we woke up to an ice wonderland. I had already requested the day off but guess what… no school!! We got everything set up and put up; again another late night but everything is almost put up. Baby was making so exhausted! 🙂 Well last night I was so worried that me and the little one would have to skate to work but then… SCHOOL CANCELED! WOOHOO! And then again tomorrow. I have soooo enjoyed having the time to relax and hang out with the father of my baby. 😀

Today I’m officially 14 full weeks. 4 month appointment is in 2 weeks. I can’t believe that time is going by so fast, only 5 months to go. I’ve had some light cramping, which is normal, nothing to worry about just my body shifting and stretching making room for my cupcake!!