17 weeks

February 26, 2011
In order to save you from the mess that I really look like today I just drew a picture for you.  Today was one of those not so happy days.  I woke up this morning and stepped on a bug pile of emotional crybaby and it stuck with me pretty much all day.  I asked my husband if he would take me to a flea market to day, I just wanted to get out of the house and he tells me “I really don’t want to go but I will take you”.  And so it began. We got really and were heading out down stairs, both of us with growling stomachs.  I serve a bowl of cereal for the husband and prepare to make me some eggs, yes I knew that we were rushing out of the house but I REALLY wanted some eggs with ketchup.  So he passes by and says “REALLY?” and pretty much the day went down hill from here.  I was sad and offended even though he had apologized more than a couple of times.  Well sorry hunny for the emotional overdrive today.  🙂   Now after a bath and a 3 hour nap I’m much better.  Hoping and praying that tomorrow will be a better day.  
BTW… still feeling GIRL!!  Can’t wait to find out.  Only a few weeks.

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