I really have the best husband in the world.  Last night he walks in from work with a bouquet of pink tulips.  They are so pretty and it made me feel so good that even though I know he was tired and ready to come home he stopped to get those for me. 🙂   I am so BLESSED.

*D* and I have been married now for 3 years and 3 months.  Since the beginning of our marriage we have counted each other as one anthers best friend.  I honestly think that there is no better man out there for me.  Over the years we have had our share of hard times from trying every month to conceive to fertility treatments, surgeries and the physical and emotional stress that all of these things bring.  But there is one thing that has never wavered and that was his love and commitment to me and my love and commitment to him.  Just the other day I woke up with an upset stomach which ultimately led me to have my head in the toilet and there behind me was my husband searching for his lost contact on the floor and I thought to my self “I am the luckiest woman in the world ” and this is my perfect life.  I though about this picture of us the remainder of the day.

When we first met I was head over heels.  I imagined the ideal life with the babies that I would have and the life that we would live.  After the wedding and after the initial “high” faded life began to wash away the shades of tint on the rose colored glasses that I had put on.  At first I struggled with the fact that things were not going according to my plan.  But as time has passed I have learned to love my husband in a different way -a deeper way. I think back on all the times that he has wiped my tears away, held me tight when I just needed a hug, or made funny faces at me to get me to laugh and cheer up , just done something just because he was thinking of me, or held my hand and whispered a prayer when I needed it the most.  And I think this is what true love is.  All the candy and the flowers and the gifts are nice, don”t get me wrong, but none of this could add up to all that he truly and so openly gives to me everyday.