Letter to Judah- From Tia *Kee*

This is a letter that your tia “boo boo” (you will understand when you meet her) wrote to you when we first came in to the hospital.  Everyone loves you so much pumpkin.  

Dear baby Judah,

I love you so much. I am so happy that your going to be a new addition to our family… I was so happy when ur mommy told me she was preg. It was the greatest news ever & the smile on ur mommy & daddys face was priceless.. But Tia boo boo does have one request… I really don’t ask for much and I know when we meet you’ll steal my heart & ill always give u Wat u want… but right now your not ready to meet the family you still have to get just a little more handsome little man 🙂 if u can’t wait a little longer I would be so very happy.. I love u with all my heart 

Love Tia boo boo ♥

Day 5- Looks like I’m here to stay

 So we have made it 5 days here.  Baby Judah is doing good considering he is swimming around in a little puddle 🙂 My poor little pumpkin.  His little heart beat is nice and strong and there are no signs of infection which is great.

I really am so thankful to God for all that He has blessed me with.  The other night *D* and I were talking about the craziness that is our lives and all we can do is thank God for the calmness and peace that he gives us in the midst of the chaos. This time last week I was thinking about all the things that I still needed to do.  Nursery decor, baby showers and pregnancy photos among other things but now all I can think about is making it another day here.  We are praying that I will be here for several weeks to let baby Judah grow in my belly for as long as he can.

Things I miss this week: 
1. sleeping in my own bed  
2. feeling my husband sleeping next to me  
3. Working- crazy I know

Hospital stay: Day 3

Well today April 28, 2011 is day three of my hospital stay.  My day was filled with tv and eating and web surfing and some reading.  Baby and I are doing good.  I found out today that my little pumpkin is weighing it at 2 lbs.
4 oz. 

This morning I was taken off of strict bed rest and allowed one shower and I got a bedside toilet woo hoo!!!! It’s not to bad here.  The nurses are really nice.  The one that was here today even made me a chocolate milk shake.  And it was sooooo good. 

Judah:  2lbs 4 oz
           kicking and moving like he’s having a party
           heart beat strong and regular
           no infection : D


Oh yea, and this is a picture of today’s dinner.

Tuesday April 26, 2011

Yesterday started off as normal, got dressed for work and left as usual.  Work was pretty normal, nothing out of the ordinary.  The morning came and went.  For lunch I had bread sticks and penne pasta mmmm.  Okay so this is what happened then.

I went to the restroom and came back to my desk and sat for a while.  A few minutes went by when all of a sudden I felt like I had just peed on my self (sorry for the tmi).  I stood up to head to the restroom when all of a sudden I felt a gush of fluid.  I panicked, went to the restroom and there was more fluid.  I called for my friend who also happens to be an LVN.  She called my doctor and my hubby and told them that I was on my way to the ER.  And a MAJOR thank you to Michelle.  She drove me to the emergency room and stood  with me until my mom showed up when she really did not have to.

I would be lying if I said that I was not completely terrified  and worried about little Judah.  I got to the hospital yesterday afternoon and they confirmed that indeed my water had broken.  I was in the ER for about 20 minutes until they brought me up to the labor and delivery unit.  Here we waited for my doctor to come in and talk to us about what was going on and in the meanwhile we got to see the hospitals maternal/fetal specialist.  He did a sonogram and said that I had lost almost all of my water but there was just enough left for my baby to be okay for a while.  So now we are just here waiting for as long as God would have us wait.  Hopefully for baby Judah I will be here for some weeks.

Today’s gripe: There is no TV guide.  Guess I have to make my own.

April 25, 2011

This is how I look now at 6 months 1 week and 5 days.  🙂  My little Judah is just in there shaking and baking!  At this point now all the books say that he is reaching about 1 and 3/4 of a pound and is about 14 inches from head to heel.  Trust me I can feel him at this point.  He is such a little mover and he LOVES to kick me.  I’m beginning to think that he has my temperment, any time that I put any type of pressure on my belly he kicks.  As if to say “please whatever you are.. you are in my space”.  It’s more than okay though I love feeling him squirm around.  It only makes me want to see him more each day.

Medical update:  I have another appointment on May 2 and will be 2 days shy of 27 weeks.  This appointment is going to be the 1 hour glucose test.  We are praying that everything comes out normal. 🙂  My last appointment was good.  Belly was measuring just as it should.  Urine test came back normal : D.  Weight- I lost weight and now am weighing less than I did when I first went to the doctor, but she was not concerned.  She said that as long as Judah was growing as he should my weight was not an issue.  Oh yea!! Thank you little Judah for letting mommy somehow lose weight.  

As far as all the other stuff.  Well I’m still feeling slightly emotional but I’m feeling like it’s starting to level off.  Stretch marks, despite applying lotion a few of these little boogers have appeared.  Linea nigera- the dark line that runs down the belly button, not there.  Not even the faintest little line and I’m thinking that it’s a good thing.

Today’s gripes:  1. Creating a baby registry is not as fun as it sounds
                        2.  Cloth diapering seems so much more difficult than it looks. 

-feeling so loved today-

My other Pumpkins!!

I don’t want my other little pumpkins to be left out.  So here they are!!

 This little guy is the oldest of all the cousins.  He’s going to be an excellent role model.  : D
And this young lady is the princess!!!!  The only girl.  She WILL have to take all her cousins when she starts dating!!!
Their smiles make my heart just melt!