Letter to Judah- From Tia *Kee*

Judah,This is a letter that your tia "boo boo" (you will understand when you meet her) wrote to you when we first came in to the hospital.  Everyone loves you so much pumpkin.  -mommyDear baby Judah,I love you so much. I am so happy that your going to be a new addition to our family... … Continue reading Letter to Judah- From Tia *Kee*

Day 5- Looks like I’m here to stay

 So we have made it 5 days here.  Baby Judah is doing good considering he is swimming around in a little puddle 🙂 My poor little pumpkin.  His little heart beat is nice and strong and there are no signs of infection which is great.I really am so thankful to God for all that He … Continue reading Day 5- Looks like I’m here to stay

Welcome Baby *I*!!!

Welcome the newest member of the family.  This handsome young man was born to my brother and his wonderful wife.  We love you baby!  We waited so long and now you are finally here.  My little squishy, I just want to squeeze those little cheeks. 😀