Showered with love—-keep it coming!!

"You just eat that up"- this is *D*'s favorite thing to say to me.  Why?  We'll let just  say that I like- okay LOVE to be loved on and pampered.  Any time that anyone asks about Judah, the pregnancy or how I'm doing I really do eat it all up..  At work I am so … Continue reading Showered with love—-keep it coming!!

Move out the way…. here comes pregzilla!!!!

Okay I must start this post by thanking the *worlds best husband*.  Really if there were Olympics for putting up with craziness *D* would win the gold medal by far.  He has been so good to me even though I know that my hormones are driving him bananas.  Now there have been moments that he has thrown … Continue reading Move out the way…. here comes pregzilla!!!!