“You just eat that up”- this is *D*’s favorite thing to say to me.  Why?  We’ll let just  say that I like- okay LOVE to be loved on and pampered.  Any time that anyone asks about Judah, the pregnancy or how I’m doing I really do eat it all up..  At work I am so spoiled.  Sad to say but I guess I have to do it for baby Judah : D.  Really that is the only reason that I do it!!  Everyone is always asking- are you hungry, thirsty, do you want….?  Why SURE!!

From our family too.  I got Judah this… are you hungry…. do you want…..???  Pure bliss!!

This is a book from tia *E*.  It is SO cute!!  One of the books that you will be put to bed with.

These are from tia *K* can’t wait to have you wear this.

And this beautiful blanket is from of my coworkers… she hand crocheted this for you.

They love you so much Judah and they haven’t even met you!!