April 25, 2011

This is how I look now at 6 months 1 week and 5 days.  🙂  My little Judah is just in there shaking and baking!  At this point now all the books say that he is reaching about 1 and 3/4 of a pound and is about 14 inches from head to heel.  Trust me I can feel him at this point.  He is such a little mover and he LOVES to kick me.  I’m beginning to think that he has my temperment, any time that I put any type of pressure on my belly he kicks.  As if to say “please whatever you are.. you are in my space”.  It’s more than okay though I love feeling him squirm around.  It only makes me want to see him more each day.

Medical update:  I have another appointment on May 2 and will be 2 days shy of 27 weeks.  This appointment is going to be the 1 hour glucose test.  We are praying that everything comes out normal. 🙂  My last appointment was good.  Belly was measuring just as it should.  Urine test came back normal : D.  Weight- I lost weight and now am weighing less than I did when I first went to the doctor, but she was not concerned.  She said that as long as Judah was growing as he should my weight was not an issue.  Oh yea!! Thank you little Judah for letting mommy somehow lose weight.  

As far as all the other stuff.  Well I’m still feeling slightly emotional but I’m feeling like it’s starting to level off.  Stretch marks, despite applying lotion a few of these little boogers have appeared.  Linea nigera- the dark line that runs down the belly button, not there.  Not even the faintest little line and I’m thinking that it’s a good thing.

Today’s gripes:  1. Creating a baby registry is not as fun as it sounds
                        2.  Cloth diapering seems so much more difficult than it looks. 

-feeling so loved today-

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