Day 5- Looks like I’m here to stay

 So we have made it 5 days here.  Baby Judah is doing good considering he is swimming around in a little puddle 🙂 My poor little pumpkin.  His little heart beat is nice and strong and there are no signs of infection which is great.

I really am so thankful to God for all that He has blessed me with.  The other night *D* and I were talking about the craziness that is our lives and all we can do is thank God for the calmness and peace that he gives us in the midst of the chaos. This time last week I was thinking about all the things that I still needed to do.  Nursery decor, baby showers and pregnancy photos among other things but now all I can think about is making it another day here.  We are praying that I will be here for several weeks to let baby Judah grow in my belly for as long as he can.

Things I miss this week: 
1. sleeping in my own bed  
2. feeling my husband sleeping next to me  
3. Working- crazy I know

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