Sunday May 1, 2011

Sunday morning started off like the other several days that I’ve been here in the hospital.  Family came in and out all day and for some reason I did not feel good for some reason.  Nothing in particular but I just didn’t feel myself.  As the day progressed I started to feel some like cramping, I let the nurse know but according to the nurse it was not contractions and that the pain was normal for a baby with little fluid left.

Day became night and the pain continued into the night.  Again I let the nurse know and she gave me a pain reliever and told me if the pain did not go away within an hour or two to let her know.  I was still in pain so she paged the doctor and my doctor asked her to check to see if I was dilating.  When she checked I was indeed at 1.5 cent.  She let me know that this ahppend all the time and that with medication they cou;d potentially stop my labor and keep me pregnant for a while longer.  For some reason the machine was not picking up my contractions, which by early morning were coming every few minutes.  It was not until Judah’s heart rate dropped that they came running in and paged the doctor.   At some point in all the chaos the anathesilolgist came in and asked if I would be getting and epidural.  Umm so I thought that I would go natural but NO I was in so much pain.  I got the epidural and everything went pretty fast from there.  At 8:09 am on Monday morning I gave birth to the most precious little man you can imagine.

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