Thursday May 19

May 17

It is ten o clock at night and we are on the way to the hospital to see my little Judah.  Today he is 2 weeks and 3 days old. Its amazing to see how much he has grown in just these few days.  Today I got to spend several hours with him doing kangaroo care this is when they tuck him into my shirt and do skin to skin contact.  This honestly is the highlight of my day.  He just gets all snuggled up with me and sleeps.

May 18

Well so far I go, I’m doing pretty good.  I’ve had a few moments that I’ve felt a little overwhelmed but then I look at him and I can be nothing but thankful for this little miracle that God promised us.

May 19

I am so thankful for all the kind words and prayers that we have received.  It is amazing to see the result of prayers.  Judah’s doctors continually tell us that he is a fighter and that there are things that he is doing that he really should not be able to do yet.  For example we are here now and Judah is laying on his tummy and decided that he did not want to face us any more and he picked his head up and turned his head the other way and got cozy and fell back to sleep.  The nurse told us that she had to reposition him several times because he moved so much 😀

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