Here are a couple of new pics of Judah.  Currently he is 2lbs. 8oz and is growing like a weed.  This week *D* and I had the pleasure of getting to give him a bath.  He is so tiny I was a little nervous about washing him up.  But he just loved it.  I absolutely cannot wait till he is home.  I am so in love!!!  It’s crazy how time goes by so quickly when I’m with him.  I’m usually at the hospital several hours everyday.  Sometimes what feels like minutes are really hours that have gone by.  I can’t put into words how thankful I am for him everyday.  It is crazy to look at him and think back on all that we went through and how doctors told us that we may never have children.  Crazy.  But my God is so good and faithful.  I see things so differently now.  I remember crying and asking the Lord to just hear my prayers and allow me to get pregnant.  At times I felt like He didn’t hear me or was just saying no but all the while He had Judah in the works.  🙂