Update June 11, 11

Checking over my last posts I realize that it’s been several days since I’ve updated my blog.  I think that I have been really busy, I think.  We had company all weekend and things just got behind.

Today my baby is one month, one week and two days old.  His adjusted gestational age is 32 weeks and five days.  As of now Judah is completely off of his nasal cannula and has been for the past three days.  He is doing so well, gaining weight and taking his feedings really well.  In the next couple of days he will hopefully be weened off of the heat in his isolette.  I CANNOT wait till my son is here at home with me.  😦  I really hate leaving him at the hospital and I hate having people aka nurses looking over my shoulders.  It drives me crazy!!  But that’s a whole post in its self.

Over the last couple of days there have been several bumps but God is good and has come through each and every time.  One- we were told that my baby has what is called atrial septal defect- asd- which pretty much mean that he has a tiny hole in his heart.  Dr said that there isn’t too much of a concern at this point but we will have to have him checked out by a cardiologist when he leaves the hospital.  Two- Judah had a scan of his brain a couple of weeks ago and when I asked about the results the nurse said to me: “oh he is great.  the small bleed is completely gone.”  WHAT?????  First of all I don’t even remember the first scan.  I’m so thankful that everything is okay.  Having said all of that there is one thing that I am looking forward to and that is to bring this little guy home.

This is Judah without the nasal cannula. 😉

Kagaroo care- he loves it as much as I do!!

I could literally stare at  him ALL day!

Getting weighed in. 

You see those chunky cheeks???!!

mommy + judah

Just loves being held.

my boys 

And Judah makes three

yes those cheeks are ALL mine


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