June 22. 2011 1:48AM

Today son you are one month two weeks and three days old.  Your daddy and I just got home from the hospital.  Well last night we went to visit you and you were at 3 lbs 15 oz.  According to the doctor and the nurses the more weight that you gained the closer that you were to getting to an open crib and just that much closer to getting to come home.  Okay so tonight we went hoping that you gained an ounce or two to push you over the 4lb mark.  Tonight we arrived at the hospital and you were looking especially cute.

First of all the nurse told us that you drank 60 ml in your last feeding, your minimum amount is 36ml.  : D  We stayed for your midnight feeding and got to speak with the doctor and she was telling us that you pretty much have done everything that you needed to do now you just have to continue to gain weight.  We asked about your tube feeding and she said that you didn’t need it anymore and she told the nurse to take it out.  Me and daddy were SO excited.    Midnight rolled around and your daddy fed you and you downed 50 ml.  like some super baby!!  🙂  No coughing, spitting up, nothing,  drank your milk like a champ.  Then came the weighing..(ooooohhh)  Well son, in 24 hours you managed to gain 100 grams which is roughly about 3.5 oz.  YES I said 3.5 oz.  and you are now at 4lbs 3.9 oz.  Yoooohoooo!!!!!!!!!!!   Funny thing was that the nurse  weighed you like 3 different times to make sure that the weight was right. lol..yep that’s my little man.

So now we are waiting for you to come home honey bunny 🙂  soon, very soon.

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