July 20, 2011

 So I am finally sitting down to update.  My little love has been home 3 weeks.  This is him only a day before we got to take him home.  Judah was in the hospital a total of 2 months and we were so ready to have him home.

 Well, as you can tell he was already growing to big for his preemie clothes before he even left the hospital.

I wanted to document everything and here it is.  Our last meal with only the two of us in the house, this was the lunch before we went to the hospital.  

Mmmm…. Shlotzsky’s.  And here we are.  Just as excited as could be, ready to head to the hospital.

Okay let me back track here for a minute.  Judah was in the hospital for a total of 2 months.  On June 25 we received a phone call from the hospital and they let me know that we would be rooming in on Sunday June 26.  OMG!  We could hardly contain our excitement.  Saturday we spent the day finishing up last minute things and getting ready for Sunday.  We would be leaving for the hospital on Sunday during the day and spending the night at the hospital with Judah in the room.  

This was the last time that we would be walking into this hospital to see our baby!!!

Sunday came around and we got to the hospital and filled out some discharge paperwork.  From there we were whisked off to our lovely suite. 🙂  We spent the entire afternoon just laying in the bed staring at this little guy, praying that all would go well.  And it went great.  I did not sleep a wink that night.  Every little sound that he made woke me up and each time I would get up and check that he was okay, breathing, not wet or pooped or hungry.  Which he was each time.  Morning came around and the doctor came in and said those words that we had been waiting to hear for what seemed like eternity.  You guys are ready for discharge, dad if you can bring the car around.  Yay finally !!!!!
Well as you can tell by the time space of the last post I have been just a little busy.  🙂  Having this little guy home is the best.  And having the help of his daddy is pretty awesome too.  I can’t believe that my hubby will have to go back to work next week.  😦  We’re going to miss him.  This thing called motherhood.  I kind of like it.  There is nothing like looking down at this little face and having him just stare back at you with this love. It’s amazing.  I thank God everyday for bringing Judah to us.  There’s times when I just look at him and remember all the things that went on just to get him here.  I am truly blessed.  

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