July 30, 2011

This Tuesday my little Judah will turn three months old-which is also his due date.  I look at him and cannot imagine my life without him.  He brings me so much joy, just looking at that little face makes all other things just fade into the background.  He is definitely my little piece of heaven.  I love when I am feeding him and he looks directly into my eyes.  Just makes me melt.  Sometimes I catch myself saying “oh i can’t wait till he…” and then I stop myself and think yes I can.  I want to savor every precious innocence moment that I have with him. 
At this stage in his little life he is still sleeping most of the day and eating every three hours.  We get the occasional grin which is just too cute!    He’s just happy.  
As for me, I am adjusting well to this whole mommy role.  I just love it.  I really don’t mind getting up in the middle of the night for his feedings, or having him spit up on me or pee on me-which he has done twice. Just holding him close to me gives me this love and peace.  It’s really amazing.  
And as for daddy.  He is doing so awesome.  I love seeing them two together.  I have yet to hear any complaint for anything.  He does it all. Diapers, late night feedings, dishes, and laundry just to name a few.  Judah has him wrapped around his little finger already.  
I can be nothing but thankful for all that God has blessed me with.  

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