All About Me…

I’m not one to do these surveys and stuff but this one looks interesting.  To give credit where due I got this as a Facebook message that was a forward of a forward…well you get the message.  All answers are mine 🙂 

A. Age: 29 OMG just one year from 30!!!

B. Bed size: A king baby!!! Thanks to my mother-in-law and father-in law!! THANK YOU- the best sleep ever!

C. Chore you dislike: That would have to be doing the dishes!  I HATE doing them, I wish that I could pay someone to come and do them for me.

D. Dogs: Yes. Two of them, a german shephard/husky mix named Nora and a boxer named Wednesday. 

E. Essential start to your day:  A kiss from my amazing husband!!  Romantic I know.   

F. Favorite color:  Teal.  I painted an entire room this color. 

G. Gold or silver: Silver

H. Height: 5’5

I. Instruments you play(ED): A… totally lame I know 

J. Job title:  Mommy, wife, driver, cook, cleaning lady, decorator… do I need to continue  

K. Kids: One beautiful baby boy

L. Live: Yes I love to live??? :D- don’t really know what this question means 

M. Mom’s name: Mom- never use moms government name 

N. Nicknames: Angie  

O. Overnight hospital stays: Only one.  Birth of my son. 

P. Pet peeves: Seeing kids unbuckled in a moving car (of course parents are strapped in) 

Q. Quote from a movie: Don’t have a favorite quote but I do always say “correction I know your father” from the Lion King.. really you don’t want to know

R. Righty or Lefty: Righty

S. Siblings: 2 brothers and 2 sisters 

T. Time you wake up: Most mornings about 645 am

U. Underwear: Always clean- just in case you get in a wreck 

V. Vegetables you don’t like: Olives.  I can’t stand them bleeeekk

W. What makes you run late: People who don’t know what “fast lane” means

X. X-rays you’ve had: Arm fracture once. 
Y. Yummy food you make: Like I tell my husband all the time- I HATE to toot my own horn BUT- pretty much everything that I make is the bomb!!  
Z. Zoo Animal Favorites: Probably the wild cats: tigers, lions…..

Well there you have it folk.  Me in a nutshell.  

A bunch of randomness….

Okay so for a couple of days I’ve had so much that I wanted to say.
Well to start off last night we tried to sleep in the crib for the first time.  We’ll not we but little Judah and as my husband would say it was an EPIC FAIL.  This is how the night went.  9pm Judah ate his regular bottle then went to sleep.  Lights out at 11pm.  Well at 11:05pm Judah decided that he was hungry again so I fed him his “night bottle” 🙂  that’s a bottle with cereal.  Yes my son is on cereal.  My baby sitter aka my mom started him on cereal about a month ago.. anyway.  I gave him his bottle and he was not happy.  I lied him back down and he fussed and cried a little.  Well,  I got back up and fed him an ounce more then laid him in his crib while I lied on the floor.  You didn’t think that I would let him sleep in there all alone now did you.
The crib apparently is not as cozy as the side sleeper or mommy’s bed.  So that was a big NO.  After about 10 minutes of crying we trailed it back to my room and my loving son fell right to sleep, in his sleeper, next to mommy…  maybe next time.
In other news, my son is growing too fast.  It seems like each time that I do laundry I have more and more clothes to put away because they don’t fit.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that my little man is growing it’s just that it seems that the time is going by really fast….by the time I know it he will be walking… talking and then off to college.  I want to savor every moment.

To snip or not to snip…

Well we decided on the big snip.  On Thursday September 15, Judah was circumcised. Sorry son, I know that one day you will cringe at the thought of me telling the story of this day.  We decided long before my little boy was born that we would defiantly be getting our son circumcised if we were indeed pregnant with a boy.

I know that there are some people out there that would look down on me for my decision but honestly I did what I believed was best for my son.  I can tell you that it has not been easy to watch him wince and wiggle from being uncomfortable BUT this is only short term.

I just can’t picture myself having to take him to have this done later on in life.  I know that the pain that he is in now will go away and he will forget that he ever had this pain in the first place.

Some argue that he will remember what happened to him.  Well if that were the case, then he is going to remember the poking and prodding that he endured in the NICU.  He will remember the optometrist appointment were they preyed his eyes open and examined him to make sure that there was not damage done to his eyes from having been born 13 weeks early.  Come on ya’ll.  I just don’t by it.  I can’t remember what happened last year let alone what happened to me when I was only months old.

Three days later, he is doing good.  My son is such a trooper.  NO REALLY. He is.  He has never been much of a cry baby but come on now I would so give him a pass if he wanted one right now.  He only cried the first day he’s such a tough little guy.  And I love him more than I could ever describe to you.

He is a blessing and a miracle.  He’s now at the stage where he is beginning to ‘coo’.  I will talk to him and he will stare up at me and make these unbelievably adorable little sounds as if he is trying to talk right back to me.  🙂  I hope to post a video of it soon.

I love him… duh :)

Today is just an ordinary day.  Just a typical Wednesday night and I feel absolutely blessed.  Judah is here at my feet sleeping in his play mat and just a year ago we made the decesion to start this IVF process.  We had been trying to get pregnant for over two years and it was the perfect time to start.  This time last year I was going through some pretty intrusive testing and each night I would talk to God and tell him just how much I wanted a baby no matter how He got him or her to me.

Looking at him now I can say that each tear, each shot, each test, each poke and prod was more than worth it.  Right now Judah is still sleeping in mommy and daddy’s room.  My sister was telling me that I am really going to regret letting him sleep in my room so long and that there will be a time that I will want him in his own room in his own bed….. but my baby…I want to hear him breathing next to me.  Pathetic???  Nah… I know the time will come.  So I’m going to enjoy it!

He does it once again

There was a time that I would stare at my son and I think there is no way that I can be any happier but I was so wrong.  Just yesterday Judah smiled at us.  I love it!  He has smiled before but not intentionally.  But yesterday and today he is grinning at me when I talk to him.  He is starting to coo a little too.

I look at him now and I’m amazed at just how much he has grown.  He has these long little feet and little monster hands.  I’m thinking that he’s going to be tall like his daddy or like his uncle.

So far Judah is:

smiling at mommy and daddy
following mommy and daddy with his eyes
focusing on us when we talk to him
sleeping about 5 hours at night without waking up
lifting his head when we do belly time
focusing on his mobile
recognizing familiar voices

Four months old

Judah is four months old as of yesterday. Time has escaped me.  I can’t believe how much he has grown in the past weeks.  We are now out growing all 0-3 month old clothing.  Well I started using this new picture editing software and here are the final pictures.  I LOVE the way they came out.

And this little guy is his cousin Isaiah.  He just happened to be at my house the day that I decided to play photographer 🙂