There was a time that I would stare at my son and I think there is no way that I can be any happier but I was so wrong.  Just yesterday Judah smiled at us.  I love it!  He has smiled before but not intentionally.  But yesterday and today he is grinning at me when I talk to him.  He is starting to coo a little too.

I look at him now and I’m amazed at just how much he has grown.  He has these long little feet and little monster hands.  I’m thinking that he’s going to be tall like his daddy or like his uncle.

So far Judah is:

smiling at mommy and daddy
following mommy and daddy with his eyes
focusing on us when we talk to him
sleeping about 5 hours at night without waking up
lifting his head when we do belly time
focusing on his mobile
recognizing familiar voices