I love him… duh :)

Today is just an ordinary day.  Just a typical Wednesday night and I feel absolutely blessed.  Judah is here at my feet sleeping in his play mat and just a year ago we made the decesion to start this IVF process.  We had been trying to get pregnant for over two years and it was the perfect time to start.  This time last year I was going through some pretty intrusive testing and each night I would talk to God and tell him just how much I wanted a baby no matter how He got him or her to me.

Looking at him now I can say that each tear, each shot, each test, each poke and prod was more than worth it.  Right now Judah is still sleeping in mommy and daddy’s room.  My sister was telling me that I am really going to regret letting him sleep in my room so long and that there will be a time that I will want him in his own room in his own bed….. but my baby…I want to hear him breathing next to me.  Pathetic???  Nah… I know the time will come.  So I’m going to enjoy it!

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