To snip or not to snip…

Well we decided on the big snip.  On Thursday September 15, Judah was circumcised. Sorry son, I know that one day you will cringe at the thought of me telling the story of this day.  We decided long before my little boy was born that we would defiantly be getting our son circumcised if we were indeed pregnant with a boy.

I know that there are some people out there that would look down on me for my decision but honestly I did what I believed was best for my son.  I can tell you that it has not been easy to watch him wince and wiggle from being uncomfortable BUT this is only short term.

I just can’t picture myself having to take him to have this done later on in life.  I know that the pain that he is in now will go away and he will forget that he ever had this pain in the first place.

Some argue that he will remember what happened to him.  Well if that were the case, then he is going to remember the poking and prodding that he endured in the NICU.  He will remember the optometrist appointment were they preyed his eyes open and examined him to make sure that there was not damage done to his eyes from having been born 13 weeks early.  Come on ya’ll.  I just don’t by it.  I can’t remember what happened last year let alone what happened to me when I was only months old.

Three days later, he is doing good.  My son is such a trooper.  NO REALLY. He is.  He has never been much of a cry baby but come on now I would so give him a pass if he wanted one right now.  He only cried the first day he’s such a tough little guy.  And I love him more than I could ever describe to you.

He is a blessing and a miracle.  He’s now at the stage where he is beginning to ‘coo’.  I will talk to him and he will stare up at me and make these unbelievably adorable little sounds as if he is trying to talk right back to me.  🙂  I hope to post a video of it soon.

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