A bunch of randomness….

Okay so for a couple of days I’ve had so much that I wanted to say.
Well to start off last night we tried to sleep in the crib for the first time.  We’ll not we but little Judah and as my husband would say it was an EPIC FAIL.  This is how the night went.  9pm Judah ate his regular bottle then went to sleep.  Lights out at 11pm.  Well at 11:05pm Judah decided that he was hungry again so I fed him his “night bottle” 🙂  that’s a bottle with cereal.  Yes my son is on cereal.  My baby sitter aka my mom started him on cereal about a month ago.. anyway.  I gave him his bottle and he was not happy.  I lied him back down and he fussed and cried a little.  Well,  I got back up and fed him an ounce more then laid him in his crib while I lied on the floor.  You didn’t think that I would let him sleep in there all alone now did you.
The crib apparently is not as cozy as the side sleeper or mommy’s bed.  So that was a big NO.  After about 10 minutes of crying we trailed it back to my room and my loving son fell right to sleep, in his sleeper, next to mommy…  maybe next time.
In other news, my son is growing too fast.  It seems like each time that I do laundry I have more and more clothes to put away because they don’t fit.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that my little man is growing it’s just that it seems that the time is going by really fast….by the time I know it he will be walking… talking and then off to college.  I want to savor every moment.

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