Superman blanket

The other day I ran across this article on how to create a chenille blanket so I headed out to Hancock Fabrics and bought the materials that I needed.  I bought a yard and a quarter of each of the following materials.
1.25 yards of :
Superman flannel fabric
yellow cotton fabric
black cotton fabric 
blue striped fabric
red striped fabric
2 pkgs of finishing tape- I know that’s not what it’s called but its the black edging
In order to get the desired effect, there are a few things that you have to do…I really wish I would have taken pictures, but anyway…Start by laying all of your materials down in the order that you  want them.  I used the floor since I don’t have that big of a work space.  After all of the material is layered the way that you want it it’s time to pin it down.  I used a big safety pin in the middle and then safety pins on each corner.  
Once that is done draw a diagnal line from one corner to the other.  This will help you with your first line.  Now the fun part, sew the diagnal line down.  
I learned that there is not an exact way to measure so I eyeballed the next line.  I sewed the next line about half an inch from the first one… and then keep going until you reach the end of one side and then sew your lines on the other side.  
Once that is done you are going to want to cut down the edges using a rotatory cutter to make all the sides even.  Now the cutting,  CAREFULLY sip your scissors through the ends leaving only the back in tact.  Cut in between each sew.  Next pin the edging on an sew on.  I sewed two lines just to reinforce the stitch.  The wash.  The cut side will fray a little and get even softer and more frayed with each time washed.  

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