Okay I have to start this post out by saying that I don’t mind people looking and asking about Judah.  Having said that **IT IS NOT OKAY TO TOUCH MY BABY’S FACE OR HANDS**

Really it’s just gross.  The other day I went to my local Kroger to pick up a few things for dinner and Judah and I were just strolling along.  Out of no where I hear ” Hi! How are you?” I turned around to see this woman and man approaching me.

I totally fell for it.  She was from the bank located inside the store.  DUN DUN DUN!  I HATE to be rude but I kindly tried to shake her off but she continued on this long rant about how ALL BIG BANKS are the devil.  Well, not the devil but you get my drift.  I told her that I wansn’t really interested and that is when she she started talking to my baby.

Then the unthinkable!!! She reached out and grabbed his hand!  I don’t understand why people do this.  Who does that??!!? 

First of all lady you work in a bank.  You handle money all day and probably don’t wash your hands after each time.  The money that you touch has more than likely been in some stripper’s underwear, in a drug dealers hand, or in some nasty sweaty disgusting place.  THEN you touch my sons hands of all things.

Hey smarty pants, guess where he puts his hands…. IN HIS MOUTH!!!  I was so annoyed.  I quickly took a wipe out and cleaned his hands as quickly as I could.  Gross.

Okay, rant over.  If this is you… and you just have to touch!  Touch his knee, please. 

Things that I have learned

It’s official. In just a few days my baby will be six months old. I know that I say this all the time but where has the time gone. Seriously. Days seem to somehow blend together.

Well, I have learned so much in the past six months.

I have learned that:

* there is nothing like the feeling of love that you get when your child looks up at you and gives you the sweetest toothless smile. It really is amazing
* that no matter how deep of a sleep I am in. I can hear even the slightest of whimper from Judah
* I can make a bottle and change a diaper and burp a baby in a zombie like state
* there is nothing that I wouldn’t do for little one
* sometimes it isn’t that glamorous but I do it all for this little guy
* that nap times are “get-everything-else-done” time
* Judah has the best daddy in the world
* Silence is Golden! 🙂