Six Months

November 2nd you turned six months old. You slept so good after your doctor visit today.  25 1/4 inches long and 15lbs 12 oz- you are getting so big. You got your six month shots today which you were NOT happy about, but you fussed only for a little while.    
Your are such a personality too.

 You coo and babble and on occasionally yell.  Oh yea and you don’t really like laying back anymore.  You stretch and pull just so we can sit you up.  Having mommy or daddy sing to you makes you smile and giggle- I know we should try out for American Idol.

Right now:
you LOVE your bouncer, you jump in that thing until you wear yourself out
smile when we say your name
you love to look at the tv
you grab at your toys or anything within your reach
you roll from your tummy to your back 
you fight your sleep when you  are really tired 
and you hate your pacifier (makes for fun trips let me tell you)
Right now,  I LOVE holding you and telling you that I love you.  You truly are my dreams come true.  

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