Christmas 2011

Our very first Christmas as a family of three.  This was by far top 5 of best Christmas’.  This year David and I got our present a little early.  Judah is more that I could have ever asked for.  Judah is now 7 months old just a few days shy of 8 months old.  So much has changed in the few weeks that have gone by.

There are no pictures of Christmas to post because with all the chaos of cooking and cleaning and taking care of Judah, pictures just slipped my mind. 

This year we spent Christmas here with the family.  My brother and his family came and my sister and her husband and their little bun in the oven Noah came too. My mom, sister and brother-in-law spent the morning making tamales.  Ok so this was the first time that I had ever helped make them.  This was all morning who knew that it was such a time consuming project.  Well the morning was over and then we proceeded to make some posole and by that time people started arriving.  The rest of the nigh was spent playing Rock Band and acting silly with the Wii.  There were a few people missing but overall we had a great time.  The next morning (Christmas morning) David, Judah and I came down stairs in our pj’s to open gifts.  It was sweet just to lay around on the couch and enjoy the day. 

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