Seven Months Old

Okay so this post is just about a month late.  Holidays are so crazy!  Anyway.  Judah turned seven months old on December 2nd.  He has such a personality.  So far he has been a pretty happy baby.  We have night time down to a science.  Bottle, diaper change, pajamas and then time for sleep.  It was hard at first to get him adjusted to this schedule but it seems to work for us. When it gets close to bed time he starts letting me know.  Nap time is another thing.   He HATES nap time.  He will fuss and roam around his crib and whine for a few minutes before he actually settles down for sleep.  Oh yea, he is trying to crawl.  Trying.  He has the leg part down now just a matter of getting him to pick up and move his arms all together.  I know, in due time.

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