Baby Food

I am happy to say that Judah has loved just about everything that I have given him.  Long before he was born i made the decision to make his food.  So far it has been great.  With him eating more solid food now we have saved a lot of money.  Today for example I found frozen mixed veggies on sale for 89 cents a bag.  I bought one bag and had some brown rice left over from the other day.  I steamed it all and blended it….and whala I got 10 jars of mixed veggie and brown rice.  We will see tomorrow how he likes it.

If you have ever thought about doing this I highly recommend it.  It’s really easy and I know everything that is going into Judah’s food.  It only takes a few minutes and you can easily make it while cooking dinner.

David laughs at me because i get excited when I find fruits and veggies on sale.  Last week I found a 3lb bag of pears for a dollar.  A dollar yall!  I bought two bags and it made 22 containers of pears.  $2.

Try it.  You just might like it.

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