9 months old

 I just can’t help but want you to stay this age forever.  You are such a cuddle monster.  You love to be held and talked to.  Well you are now trying to crawl. You’ll get on all fours and just bounce your little tush in the air.  Most of the time the only way that you go is backwards. 
You still only have your two bottom teeth.  But i don’t think the others are that far behind.  Just this week you started doing something new.  You stick your tounge out and make fart sounds (such a boy!) And you are much more vocal than you were even last week.  I LOVE hearing you make your little babble sounds.  Sometimes you just stare at me and your daddy and go on and on about who knows what.  
We are only a few months from your first birthday.  It makes me a little sad seeing you grow so fast.  I try to savor every moment.  I melt at the sight of you sleeping, especially when you are asleep on my chest.  I remember when you were in the hospital and I did kangaroo care- where the nurses put you inside of my shirt and just let you sleep.  I could  have stayed that way for days.  Judah I love you more than any words that I could ever express.  

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