A mommy and her baby

So I really haven’t been blogging as much as I would like to.  But I do have a good reason.  This little man right here has been keeping me busy!  Judah is almost 11 months old ….  Crazy huh?   Just thinking about it makes me want to cry.  I want him to stay my little baby forever.
Well today was an exciting day.  My nieces birthday. Happy birthday Illianna.  We love you princess!  Anyhow today was busy.  Judah is knocked out in his crib right now, evidence of the busy day that we had.  Nothing like a princess party to make you poop out.  Here we are getting ready to walk out the door.
Update on Judah: he now has 4 teeth.  4!  Let me tell you that the past couple of days have been fussy ones.  Teething- fun time for any parent. Along with getting his teeth he is now standing and trying to walk along the couch holding on for dear life.  I know that he will be walking full force in no time.  My little baby is growing up.

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