Eleven Months Old

I know that every time that post I have an excuse for why I haven’t posted anything lately but seriously there Judah is on the verge of walking and he is everywhere!  And there have been several birthdays and holidays that have taken up most of my free time.  But anyway enough about that… here is a current picture of my little man.  
And this my friend is him having a field day with some whipped cream.  As you can see it was everywhere but he had a blast and he gave mommy a few minutes to finish her dinner :).  
Along with all of the other stuff that has been going on I am currently getting things ready for little mans first birthday.  It’s hard to believe that it’s really been a year… I swear I remember everything about his birth like it was yesterday.  What is the theme for Judah’s first birthday??  Yo Gabba Gabba of course!!  I love that show. And so does he!  I can’t wait.  
So here is the scoop on all that has been going on.  Judah is now sporting 5 teeth with 3 more coming in.  OH MY I am ready for the teething to be over.  Fever, clinginess and drooling are no bueno.  Other than that things are just dandy!  Lots of love and kisses and clapping when daddy walks in the room. 🙂  Oh yea and we are off the bottle!! What!! Yes I said it we are officially off the bottle.  I found some sippy cups at walmart that he loves.  My big boy…..

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