Closet cleanup

I know that this is totally off subject but I started my new eating habits as of yesterday.  I stayed under 1800 calories today and I am so proud.   It’s really going to take some getting used to.  I have never been one to count calories,  I always just guesstimate how fattening or healthy a meal is by just giving it my ‘evaluation’. Not smart, I know.  I found this really great app on my blackberry which tells me the general caloric count of meals including fast food which will be a great help. 

Anyway, note to self- start slowly.  I know that I did not get this way over night and I have to keep telling myself that change will come gradually.  I’m trying to log what I am eating and also am logging my exercise.  I will post a summary after about a week or so. 

Okay so back to my original story.  After cruising a couple of my favorite blogs  I got the sudden urge to organize my closet, random I know, well after hanging up a few items I started to notice a pattern.  All of my clothes is all the same.  Big billowy shirts that hide my body.  I also noticed that the only shorts that I have are shorts to sleep in.  😦  It’s summer and I don’t feel comfortable in a pair of shorts. 

So after checking every item of clothes that I own I have decided that I will donate a item of clothing once a week.  Starting with the comfortable stuff better known as my ‘fat pants’.  This I hope will give me motivation to stick to what I am doing.  In the past I have shied away from buying new clothes.  My excuse: If I lose weight next week it will be a waste of money.  No more of that fat.  😉

Well time to burn some calories in my sleep. 

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