So yesterday the 6th was my 30th birthday.  To be honest I really don’t feel any different than I did at 29 or 28 for that matter.  David, Judah and I spent a quite evening here together just the three of us.  I loved just sitting around in my pajamas relaxing on the couch.  At thirty there is not much more that I could ask for that I don’t already have.

I have a loving husband who does for me just because.  I have a sweet beautiful baby boy who makes me smile with his silliness.  And a loving family.

I cannot forget my friends.  I love them.  Each of them for who they are and for letting me be a part of their lives.  I am blessed.

I want the next 30 to be twice as amazing.  I want to do some traveling with my family.  I want to finally lose some of this weight.  I want to be less critical of others and more content with the here and now.

My prayer is to be the best me that I can be.