One heck of a morning

This morning was one heck of a morning.  I feel like I’m slowly losing steam.  I’m exhausted this morning.

Last night Judah came home from his grandpa’s house and he was in a super mood, and by super I mean he was fussy and really clingy.  He is still trying to get over this cold and it is taking a toll on his little body.  After a little bit of dinner, bath and a breathing treatment he was asking to go to his bed.  My poor little man was just as tired as his mommy.

Moving time is next Friday and it really cannot get here fast enough.  My/Judah’s room is a wreck.  Everything that I own is in one room.  Without closet or dresser space so you can really imagine just how crazy it looks in there.  I think that it’s probably why I’m feeling so crappy.  But soon, very soon we will have our own space.

Anyway, back to this morning.  Judah and I woke up.  Got dressed in our crazy room.  I left the house with wet hair and no makeup.  Blah. We drove to Whataburger for breakfast and my baby wouldn’t eat.  I think the cold pretty much obliterated his appetite   I hate when he doesn’t eat, especially now that he’s in daycare.    Then we got caught in a 30 min delay in traffic which I think we really needed.  We talked and sang all the way to daycare. LOL.  Until we got to the building, where he started to whine and then cry.  I wanted to cry.

So there you have it.  My morning.

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