I will

I will always fight for you Judah! I will go above and beyond to help you and guide you in life. I will make your voice heard when they want you to just go with the flow.

I will advocate for you. I will ask questions and seek the best answers, because I am your mama and that’s what I do best.

I will question. I will research. I will go till I am out of fumes. And then some. I will make them see you.

I will push you. You may not like it at times, but I’ll do it cause I love you. I will make you step out of your comfort zone. I will require that you try your very best. I will not turn my back on you. Ever. I will demand the very best for you.

I will cheer the loudest when you succeed and will be there to catch you when you fail. Because you will fail at some things. I will encourage you to try again.

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