I am officially 38 years old! My body defiantly feels older than that and I guess that’s were this post is coming from. Trust me, I have more than enough going on to fill page after page of this blog. I love to write but for some reason I couldn’t make the words flow.

I turned 38 a few days ago and made myself a promise that I would do my very best to live a more intentional life. For me, it means a big fuck you to the irrelevant shit and more time for my family. Friends- even though I don’t have many (we’ll dive into that later). And just enjoying life altogether. I wanted to start this journey with working on my physical well being. I’ve tried so many times to lose this damn weight and it DOES NOT want to go anywhere. I’ve pretty, much have tried everything.

So here I am, starting again. Keto this time. So. Pull up a chair and come along on this wild mother fucking ride. 🎀

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