My first year being a mom

 I love, love, love being a mom.  Over the course of the past year I have learned so much about life, about myself and about being a mom.  From the moment that I found out that we were pregnant I began to imagine what it would be like having a baby.  I would find myself daydreaming of the things that I would do and not do.  The things that i would teach my son or daughter.  I was excited and yet nervous about this new role that I had. During my pregnancy I tried to do all of the right things, eat mostly good food, and tried to care for myself because i now had a little life growing inside of me.

Yet all of the advise and the words of wisdom that I received didn’t even hint at what it really means to be a mom.  The moment that Judah was born was the day that a piece of my heart now lived on the outside of me.  I loved this little baby in a new way the moment that I laid my eyes on his tiny body.  I felt an ache when they had to wheel him away to the NICU.

During this past year I have been exhausted. I have cried from not knowing what to do.  I have shed tears when all I could do nothing but stand back and watch as Judah was poked and prodded.  My heart hurt watching his little body fight to thrive only wishing that I could take away all of his pain. There were moments that I felt that that I was doing nothing right.

Looking back I would not trade these moments for anything because along with all the crazy came all the sweet.  Those moments where I tucked him into my shirt in the NICU and he would sleep for hours, when we finally got the okay to bring him home.  There were those moments at 3 am when I held him close and whispered words of thanksgiving to my God for allowing me this little miracle.  I look at Judah now and I can’t imagine being without him.

I am learning to cherish every moment.  These are the moments that I want to remember forever.  Like the first time that he looked and me, not just looked, but the moment that he recognized that I was mommy.  His first smile.  The first time that he giggled or made a funny face.  First teeth, first crawl, first time that he pulled himself up or took that first daring step. 

Perhaps picture is all I will have of these memories  30 years from now but today a hold these moments  close to my heart.   I love you Judah.

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to the most wonderful little boy in the whole world.  I love you more than any words I could ever say.  I’m  blessed in so many ways but being your mommy tops the list.  Everyone tells me that you are a spitting image of your daddy.  You defiantly have his personality. 

You are officially one year old now.  You are not walking but you will defiantly use things around the room to find your way around.  You pretty much eat anything that I put in front of you and you are so independent you hate for me to feed you.  You can say mam when you feel like it.  Usually its when you are crying and want my attention. 

This weekend is your party and I am so excited!!

Eleven Months Old

I know that every time that post I have an excuse for why I haven’t posted anything lately but seriously there Judah is on the verge of walking and he is everywhere!  And there have been several birthdays and holidays that have taken up most of my free time.  But anyway enough about that… here is a current picture of my little man.  
And this my friend is him having a field day with some whipped cream.  As you can see it was everywhere but he had a blast and he gave mommy a few minutes to finish her dinner :).  
Along with all of the other stuff that has been going on I am currently getting things ready for little mans first birthday.  It’s hard to believe that it’s really been a year… I swear I remember everything about his birth like it was yesterday.  What is the theme for Judah’s first birthday??  Yo Gabba Gabba of course!!  I love that show. And so does he!  I can’t wait.  
So here is the scoop on all that has been going on.  Judah is now sporting 5 teeth with 3 more coming in.  OH MY I am ready for the teething to be over.  Fever, clinginess and drooling are no bueno.  Other than that things are just dandy!  Lots of love and kisses and clapping when daddy walks in the room. 🙂  Oh yea and we are off the bottle!! What!! Yes I said it we are officially off the bottle.  I found some sippy cups at walmart that he loves.  My big boy…..

A mommy and her baby

So I really haven’t been blogging as much as I would like to.  But I do have a good reason.  This little man right here has been keeping me busy!  Judah is almost 11 months old ….  Crazy huh?   Just thinking about it makes me want to cry.  I want him to stay my little baby forever.
Well today was an exciting day.  My nieces birthday. Happy birthday Illianna.  We love you princess!  Anyhow today was busy.  Judah is knocked out in his crib right now, evidence of the busy day that we had.  Nothing like a princess party to make you poop out.  Here we are getting ready to walk out the door.
Update on Judah: he now has 4 teeth.  4!  Let me tell you that the past couple of days have been fussy ones.  Teething- fun time for any parent. Along with getting his teeth he is now standing and trying to walk along the couch holding on for dear life.  I know that he will be walking full force in no time.  My little baby is growing up.

10 months old

(Yes that is a pile of dirty clothes in the background…. don’t judge me :))
I can’t believe that we are only two months away from his first birthday.  Judah is now crawling and getting into EVERYTHING.  I remember saying “oh I just can’t wait to see him crawl” and now he is non stop.  Along with crawling he is constantly trying to pull himself up and he will use anything that is around.  Now this has made for some tumble time here in our living room.  But he is a tough little guy and just keeps it moving when he does fall.  Sometimes I look at him and I get a little sad.  I am learning that time only moves forward and it moves pretty fast.  I want him to stay little and innocent. forever.