Dear mom.. I’m two!

Oh my goondess!! WHO took my sweet baby and replaced him with this little monster???  This was Judah at the doctors office.  Throwing a fit.
I really didn’t think this could really happen to me 😦 lol…. I have seen these little monsters in the stores, in the streets throwing fits while I lovingly hold Judah.  Giving him kisses, whispering “oh im so glad i have such a laied back little boy”.
Appenrantly I spoke too soon!!! Those darn terrible two’s are here with a vengeance   And as much as I wish they weren’t, they are here to stay.

This morning I cried

This morning driving to work, I cried.  I cried because I am SO very tired.  On Wednesday Judah was sick. On Thursday I came to work for half a day and spent the rest of the afternoon caring for my sick baby.  Friday he was even worse so we went to the doctor.  One chest xray, three breathing treatments, and one dose of steroids later we went home.

Judah spent Saturday afternoon and Sunday with dad.  Came home still feeling sick.  I feel so bad, I wish that I could take his place.  Early this morning, five a.m. to be exact, he was up.  Crying.  I brought him to be with me where he tossed and turned for a while.  Put him back in the bed, where he tossed and turned for the next hour.  😦

He finally fell asleep around six o’clock but I couldn’t.  😦  Then he woke up again around six thirty.  We got ready.  And on the way to daycare, my baby fell asleep.  He looked so peaceful.  I know that he was so tired.  This morning I wish that there were three of me.  One to take Judah home and let him sleep, one to crawl into bed and sleep and the last one to go to work.  I’m so pooped.

My prayer is that once we move into our new place things will calm down and we’ll be able to just sit back and relax.

Days until I move: 11.

– Angela

Let’s play catch up

I just had to start this post of a pic of my little man.  I can’t believe that he will be 2 years old in a few months.  He is such a big boy now.  And I am madly in love with him.  There is nothing in the world that compares to waking up and hearing him talking on his monitor or having his little caramel-skin arms wrapped tightly around my neck.  I love love love being a mom.  I’m trying my very best to be the best mom for my Judah.

Over the past several months, so many things have changed.  In a nut shell husband is now ex-husband.  Or will be in the next week or so.  These past months have been pretty challenging. Judah had seriously been sick off and on since November and just last weekend I had to take him to the emergency room…diagnosed with pneumonia. 😦  Boo for that.  But he is much better now after a good dose of antibiotics this last week.  Thankfully Spring is right around the corner so hopefully no more gross germs.
Ummm… I’m currently living with my sister and her family, but come April Judah and I are off on our own!! I’m beyond excited.  I think we are both ready to be in our own place. I’ve been planning like a mad woman.  My little hands can’t wait to start decorating. 🙂
As far as the separation/divorce go, I won’t talk much about it here.  But for the record, Judah’s dad is a really great dad.  He really loves our son.  Despite the fact that we are no longer together, I’m blessed in that he loves and cares for Judah very much.
So begins the adventures of mommy and baby.