This wait is so unbearable! This morning I woke up at about 430 just staring at the ceiling wondering what would be in store for me today. I laid there praying and thinking, asking God to please let there be a miracle. I tossed and turned and never really fell back to sleep. At six *D* and I got up to get ready to leave. We drove there and thankfully *D* kept my mind off of the test with crazy things going on at work. We get in the office and they lead us back to take my blood. I’m thinking that they were going to give us the results right then and there!! So the nurse takes my blood and USUALLY they have to stick me several times but today… she got a vain on the first try!!! Good sign right?? Then she tells us that they have to send the blood work out and that we should have some news by this afternoon!!!! AHHHHHH I can’t wait. Please let it be positive!!!

Ahhhhh tomorrow is the BIG day!!!!

November 23, 2010

Happy Anniversary!! Today is *D* and I’s anniversary. It’s been three years since I married my best friend!! He is such a great husband I can’t believe that it’s been three years. Well tonight it’s dinner and a movie for us. We were supposed to go out this weekend to a drive in movie BUT *D* has to work this weekend…blahh! AND tomorrow is the BIG day. I’m so anxious, I can”t wait till tomorrow!! I pray that we will get the news that we have been waiting for for the past three years and eight months! We know that no matter what happens we will be okay but we REALLY want some good news tomorrow.

In other news, Happy Birthday Brother and congratulations on the baby news. Looks like I’m going to get another nephew! Also Happy Birthday to my father in law… AND thank you Lord for keeping my dad safe this past weekend. He went to the hospital because he didn’t feel good and ended up getting some stints put in some clogged arteries in his heart- he’s home now resting.

Days till we test- ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!


Two week wait!! I can honestly say that this has been the longest wait ever. Working has helped keep my mind off the doctors appointment. Oh I just can’t wait! Well today we celebrated my brother’s birthday happy 25th. *G* and his wife are expecting their very first baby this spring and we are thrilled. His birthday is actually on the 23 which is also *D* and my anniversary- we’ll be married for three years. I can’t belive that its already been three years, the years have flown by. And the 24th is the TEST!!! We’re praying that we can celebrate our anniversary with baby news 😀 Days till pregnancy test- 4 days

Shots shots and more shots

As part of my medication regimen I have been given the lovely task of taking Progesterone. For those of you who don’t know about this medication, it comes in oil first of all. And it’s an injectable, yes injectable. *D*, my wonderful hubby has been giving me these shots for the past six night and tonight… oh my it really stung-almost made me cry These shots must be given in the muscle just above where my pant pocket sits/or the upper booty and the needle is 1 1/2 inches long!!!! Here is a picture of that sucker. Days till “official pregnancy test” – 7